Caats provides the Anti-Aging doctor with the means to conduct in-depth patient consultations and associated preliminary diagnoses, with particular focus on hormonal imbalances, with minimum expenditure of the practitioner�/span>s time.

This is achieved by providing the Patient with a series of questionnaires (up to 1000 questions, depending on the Patientâ€?/span>s time availability) which the Patient answers on a computer touch-screen.  The questions are multiple-choice on a sliding scale to allow the Patient to indicate the severity of his or her symptoms. Follow-up questionnaires, made up of subsets of the originals,  are completed for each patient visit to record progress over time.

On questionnaire completion, the Patient’s responses are processed instantaneously to arrive at preliminary assessments or diagnoses. The doctor�/span>s physical examination is recorded and processed in a similar manner. The results, in turn, guide the practitioner in determining what subsequent laboratory, X-Ray and other tests should be carried out to confirm the Patient�/span>s condition. Once the diagnoses are confirmed and quantified, the patient undergoes the appropriate treatments, together with scheduled follow-up consultations.

The questionnaires have been developed, using scientific principles, by experienced multi-disciplinary researchers in the ever-expanding field of anti-aging medicine.  The questionnaires will be continually upgraded and refined with the results of fresh research and the experience of subscribers to the system.

Doctor with her CAATS

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